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The documents required for graduation will be submitted to the Institute Directorate with the top letter of the relevant Department Head. The graduation will be approved after the documents are evaluated by the Institute Board of Directors.


Documents Required for Graduation

1) Of the theses bound and signed by the jury members;

       a. graduate students 3,

       b. PhD students will submit 5 copies (After the theses are examined at the Institute Student Affairs, they will be submitted to the jury members by the student.

2) Photocopy of identity card (1 piece)

3) photo

4) Student ID card, which was obtained in the last academic year, if the ID card is not received or is missing, a petition stating this situation will be submitted to the Institute.

5) Library dismissal document (taken from the Central Library),

6) Statement of Compliance with Ethical Rules

7) CD containing the whole thesis and prepared in PDF format and sending the thesis in the same format to fenbiltez@gmail.com.

In accordance with the decision taken at the meeting of the Council of Higher Education on 13.05.2020, it is highly requested that the approval pages of the theses are not loaded or unsigned in the following process in terms of protecting personal data.

(The Declaration of Conformity to Ethical Rules in the thesis must be scanned and added to the thesis after it is signed by the student.

(The reference number on the Thesis Data Entry Form will be used when naming the files with the entire thesis on the CD)


       a) Referenceno.pdf for the Full Text (All pages of the thesis such as abstract, signed acceptance-approval page, contents, introduction, etc. must be in the full text)

      b) Referenceno.rar for attachments (If the thesis does not consist of only a text file, pictures, maps, computer programs, images or sound recordings are also used, these files should be made into a single file in the format referenceno.rar with the reference number using the WINRAR program and saved on a CD. ) (CD envelopes / covers should contain the student's Name, Surname, Department, Thesis Name, Reference Number and Advisor Name)

8) "Thesis Data Entry Form" (1 PCS) (Thesis data entry form must be filled by taking membership from https://tez.yok.gov.tr/ulusaltezmerkezi/) * The Department of Science section should be left blank in the thesis data entry form, the department section must be filled.

* Non-thesis Master's students will not fill the "Thesis Entry Form".

** Cd and Thesis Data Entry Form must be submitted to the Information Technology Unit of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.

 Students who want their thesis to be prevented from being accessible;

Directive on Collecting, Editing and Opening Access to Graduate Theses in Electronic Environment ARTICLE 6

(1) In the event that a patent application is made for a graduate thesis or the patenting process continues, upon the recommendation of the thesis supervisor and the approval of the institute department, the institute or faculty board of directors may decide to postpone the opening of the thesis for a period of two years.

(2) The institute, upon the recommendation of the thesis supervisor and the appropriate opinion of the department of the institute, about theses in which new techniques, materials and methods are used, have not yet turned into an article or have not been protected by methods such as patents, and that contain information and findings that may create unfair gain for third parties or institutions in case of sharing on the internet With the reasoned decision of the faculty board of directors, access to the thesis may be prevented for a period of six months.

9) Required Document for Students Receiving Thesis Project Support

Required Documents for Students Who Do Not Receive Project Support

10) Advisor Approval Page

11) The letter regarding whether foreign students who come to our country as state scholarship have a scholarship debt to be received from the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities

12) PROCESS OF CREATING AND DOWNLOADING GRADUATION INFORMATION FORM (For all foreign students who receive / do not receive a scholarship)

13) GRADUATION INFORMATION FORM (For foreign students receiving scholarships)



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