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Guidelines for scientific preparation program

1)  in order to fulfill the needs of undergrad and graduate students and to adapt them to their applied major,   a scientific preparation program can be established for those whose degree is different than applied major, and for students who acquired degree other than Aegean Univesity.

2 ) master and PhD degree students can take maximum 30 AKTS credits from undergraduate and graduate courses.students can enroll to these courses in summer term as well. as part of scientific prep program, number of graduate course credits can not exceed 1/3 of scientific prep program courses.these courses can not be counted towards registered post graduate courses. however, students in scientific prep program, along with program courses,  can take credits aimed at postgraduate program with the proposal of head of department and approval of board of management of institution. 

3 ) scientific prep program is prepared by council, and sent to institute management in 15 days following registration by management of department.

4.) attendance and assessment process for scientific prep courses are legislated by designated department

5.) time to complete the scientific prep program is maximum 1 year. if students can not pass these courses, they can not continue to course stage they registered. these students, with the condition of satisfying the requirements, can register to scientific prep curses or other courses approved by department. time spent in these courses can not be counted towards masters or PhD degree


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