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Inter / Intra Departmental Transfer

 Principles regarding student admission through graduate transfer:

1) The student who have completed at least one semester in another department of the same institute at the university or in the graduate program associated with equivalent institute of another higher education institution, who has't received a thesis subject / term project or who accepts that he/she will take the qualification exam and prepare a new thesis/ term project in the program in which he/she will transfer, can be admitted to the graduate program through graduate transfer at the suggestion of the relevant department board and the decision of the institute board of directors. In order for a student's transfer application to be accepted, he / she must be successful in the courses he / she registered until the application date, and the weighted grade point average must be at least 2.50 out of 4.00. The announcement of student quotas and acceptance of students to graduate programs of Ege University Graduate Degree Education Bylaw must comply with the conditions specified in article 5th.

2) A student who wants to transfer to a graduate program of the university; he/she applies to the institute directorate at least three weeks before the start date of the following semester by attaching the documents that introduce the graduate program he/she is currently attending and indicating the success of the courses he/she is enrolled in. The Institute Directorate sends the application documents to the head of the department and asks for the opinion of the department committee in terms of the conditions in the first paragraph, and if this opinion is positive, the names of the courses required for the student to adapt to the program.

3) The opinions and suggestions of the department are examined by the institute board of directors and it is decided before the start date of the semester whether the student's request for transfer is appropriate.



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